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Welcome to the Red Gate SDK Wiki

This site contains programming examples and information for programmers about creating applications using any of Red Gate's Software Development kits. This is a "closed" wiki, meaning only members of Red Gate's support and development teams currently have editing permissions on the content.

If you have questions about the content or would like to see an example provided, please feel free to contact Red Gate via the main website at

We currently have examples and articles about the following Red Gate SDKs:

SQL Comparison SDK Resources

SQL Comparison SDK Resources Page

Red Gate's SQL Comparison SDK allows .NET developers to easily create applications that compare and synchronize SQL Server schema and data with fine grained control and flexibility. This page shows examples of applications built using our comparison and synchronization APIs to do very specific data and schema migration tasks.

SmartAssembly SDK Resources

SmartAssembly SDK Resources Page

Red Gate's SmartAssembly SDK allows .NET developers to extend the error reporting functionality or develop bespoke functionality into SmartAssembly.

SQL Continuous Integration Resources

SQL Continuous Integration and Delivery Resources Page

Red Gate's SQL Continuous Integration components enable buildmasters and developers to build and deploy database schema in parallel with the program code for a software release.

Interesting links

You can see Red Gate's main web site or visit our developers' blogs.

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